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For Parents

 The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child

Not just for the defiant child, the Kazdin Method is an easy read for all parents dealing with typical parenting issues, from the mild to the extreme.

Based on extensive research and with a nearly 80% success rate, the Kazdin method’s easy and simple strategies will help put you back in the driver’s seat.  $14.95

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A Guide to Point Incentive Charts

A complete collection of point incentive charts that will be sure to help your child’s behavior improve! Fun and exciting, these charts are easy for both parents and children to use.  Sold in pdf form for you to pick and choose a chart you like and use as often as you would like!

Get your very own for just $12.99!

Coming Soon our Seasonal Edition



Seasonal Point Charts

 A fun colorful collection of point charts to help your child achieve positive behavior change. It comes in many different fun and colorful designs that are sure to maximize your child’s motivation!

To purchase your packet of seasonal point charts call the Yale Parenting Center at 203-432-9993.

Cost 12.99

For Therapists

 Kazdin’s Problem Solving Skills Training Overview

A comprehensive overview of Dr. Kazdin’s manualized treatment for problem solving skills training.

A perfect program to teach children how to slow down, stop and think,
and generate multiple solutions to any given problem.

Now available for $24.99 in either pdf form or hard copy


 Kazdin’s Parent Management Training Pre-Recorded Webinars

For therapists seeking to learn Dr. Kazdin’s Parent Management Training, an evidence-based program proven to change disruptive or aggressive behavioral issues of their clients.

Basic; Includes 4 recordings: $450
Advanced; Includes 2 recordings: $450
Ceus not available for pre-recorded training




 Children’s Hostility Guilt Inventory

For therapists, it is an inventory that allows you to measure the the aggression and hostility in psychiatric inpatient children. This inventory will help you identify children who are aggressive and hold grudges and anger, those who are agressive or hold grudges but do not show both, and children who are neither.







 Management of Child’s Behavior Scale

 Cost: $24.99








Barriers to Treatment Scale

Cost $24.99