The Kazdin Method SM for Parents and Children

The Kazdin Method SM is an evidence-based program designed to help parents to effectively deal with a variety of parenting issues ranging from the very mild to the more extreme. Every child is different and comes with their own package of strengths and weaknesses. We can help your child to grow into responsible and reliable children. The Kazdin Method SM is among the most well-established programs for young children and adolescents. Our certified specialists will provide you with all the tools needed to help your child to listen, get along with others, and solve problems without resorting to temper tantrums, tears, or even violence.

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Our Services

Parenting Workshops

These group workshops are intended to introduce you to the Kazdin Method SM. They will take place with other parents and a certified clinician from the Yale Parenting Center. You will leave with skills you can apply right away as well as an introduction to other ways that the Yale Parenting Center can help you with your parenting challenges. Click here for details on upcoming workshops.

Individual Sessions: In Person, Online, or Phone

We offer weekly one-on-one clinical care for 50-minute sessions. Fees will be be determined on a sliding scale from $90 – $300 per session based on family income. Sessions will take place in person, online, or over the phone. Click here to sign up for a consultation today.

Intensive Individual Parent Trainings

One-on-one parenting sessions with a certified therapist from the Yale Parenting Center. Call to schedule your session today.

  • $1000 — four hours in-person (Monday-Thursday, 9-5

Problem Solving Skills Training

Just as Dr. Kazdin developed a highly effective and well studied treatment for parents, he also established the same for children called Problem Solving Skills Training. This uniquely crafted treatment took years in the making. It is designed to help children learn to slow down, stop and think, and generate multiple solutions to any given problem. Perfect for those struggling to handle disappointments, frustrations, or problems calmly. Click here for details.


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Other Professionals Certified by the Yale Parenting Center

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