“The Kazdin Method” may ring a bell if you’ve been searching for the most effective way to deal with your child’s behavior problems. Being the caring parent that you are, you have always tried to keep yourself educated about how to best discipline your child. Perhaps you have read all kinds of parenting advice and consulted a number of so-called professionals, but nothing so far has been very helpful. You’re curious to learn more about the Kazdin Method, because your gut instincts tell you that this is a method that may actually work!

Your instincts are spot on. The Kazdin Method, developed by world-renowned Yale child clinical psychologist Alan E. Kazdin, has helped thousands of families successfully deal with behavior problems. Unlike other methods you may have encountered, the Kazdin Method is based on over three decades of rigorous research, not just opinions. For you, that means that the concrete skills we teach parents using the Kazdin Method have been proven to work.

There are two main ways to learn the Kazdin Method: via Dr. Kazdin’s book and via personalized sessions at the Yale Parenting Center. If you would like to learn the core techniques on a basic level, you should read the book. If you would like to be able to fully implement the method in your home, the Yale Parenting Center offers in-depth training sessions. During these sessions, a specialist who is extensively trained in this area will carefully explain the concepts involved in these techniques, and then will demonstrate them for you.  You will learn how to encourage the sort of behavior that you desire, and how to reinforce those behaviors when they occur.  You will also learn how to punish much less often but more effectively, provide consequences consistently, and much more.  You’ll find the approach to be caring and gentle, not requiring you to treat your child in any way that you might find inappropriate.  During these sessions there’s considerable practice—with you and the specialist acting out the parts of parent and child—so that you will be completely comfortable using these new methods at home.

With one-on-one training from one of our certified specialists, we will provide you with all the parenting tools needed to eliminate misbehavior and elicit the positive behaviors you desire. With our expertise and your consistent effort, your child will soon learn how to solve problems without resorting to defiance, aggression or other disruptive behavior. The Kazdin Method can absolutely help you create a breakthrough in your child’s behavior without drugs, therapy or a contest of wills.

The sooner you commit to learning the Kazdin Method, the better we will be able to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Thanks to new online technologies, we assist families from all over the world. Contact the Yale Parenting Center, learn more, and schedule an appointment now! Click here to take the next step—consider the details of our program, and enroll today so that we can begin teaching you the most effective ways to parent using the Kazdin Method.